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Soldiers for CHRIST LLC. is an e-Commerce business. Empowering beings through Urban Clothing Line & Creative Design. [S.F.C.] is an [outreach] to the Youth & ALL people in the Globe.

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p: [443] 693-7482

P.O. Box: 145 Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Our focus is to empower people using innovative methods. We want people from ALL walks of life to grasp the truth and understand that being a Christian doesn't have to be boring... You can look around the Globe at God's creation especially Humanity & realize that the GOD of the Universe [JESUS]...Yes! [WE] said *JESUS*, is far from lame. In fact, HE is very CreativE to say the least!

A little about me, DaniEL 'CAMouflage' Okafor

Futurist | Entrepreneur | Designer | Investor

Hi... I'll jump right in... so you get to know me/my heart a little better' 

A lot of people ask me "what happened to you?" or "how did you become so passionate or on fire for the Lord?"

The TRUTH is the passion & desire I have to serve the LORD as I have been for the past seven years can only come from HIM.  My will & desires were much different.  I had always dreamed about doing something to have an immediate impact on my family here and abroad in Africa.  

I felt Blessed & burdened at the same time because I was born in the United States, Blessed with the opportunities and burdened to become successful so I could help support my family abroad.  I had dozens of relatives who didn't have that opportunity, so I wanted to make the most of my life.  The ideal vehicle, I thought would be sports, because I was Blessed with some competent physical abilities to compete on the high school and collegiate level, but GOD had other plans for me.

GOD graciously gripped me & stripped me of my old identity at the age of twenty one and helped me understand how blinded I was by the world system of bondage I had been born into.  I surrendered to HIS will for my life & that made ALL the difference for me.  I still have my share of trials & tribulation but in comparison to what CHRIST has done for me/us, I'm Grateful & encouraged knowing there is HOPE  & more to come to those who BELIEVE in HIM.

For those who ask / wonder what made me this way... I'll put it this way, I had a Face to face encounter w/ a [MAJESTIC LION] who had every right to DESTROY me; rather HE pinned me down to the ground w/ HIS Majestic Strength, explained to me that I was blind & forgotten my HERITAGE due to the fall of man; HE proceeded to Chastise me, then explained why HE had done it, HE said because HE LOVED that moment I understood that if HE hadn't intervened I would have destroyed myself!


So HE saved me from me! & that has made ALL the difference, HE began to teach me HIS ways & continues to do so... HE was Gracious enough to deposit a portion of HIS spirit within me & it has TRULY been TRANSFORMATIONAL... I LOVE this Humble yet Ferocious LION named JESUS! I will continue to serve & worship HIM for HE chose me before I chose HIM & LOVED me before I LOVED HIM!  Glory to the Ancient LION of JUDAH who has conquered HIS adversaries... & saved HIS children from the lying serpent.



(We) are Soldiers for Christ !!! ---|-
------------------------------------------------------- ---|-
(We) utilize InnovaTivE OuTreacH Tactics -+

Mission: Spread the word of the Heavenly Kingdom from Neighbor- (Hoods) to Nations / Glorify GOD with the Special Abilities that were given to (E)ach one to (R)each one!, ---|-

Our King|Commander: *Yeshua aka Jesus "The Christ" -> The Mighty Warrior! ref. Exodus 15:3))) & has never lost a battle!

Objectives: Pump the Gospel a.k.a. Good News out in as Many Creative ways as (We) can, Street TeaM's, Art, Music, Dance, Poetry, e.t.c. (GOD) wants Billions of Souls birthed|plugged into the KinGdoM of *LiGhT*! before (HE) returns! ---|-

[Gene]ral [Info]rmation

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A Percentage of ALL proceeds generated goes to domestic & international causes that desire to feed the hungry, provide clean water for the thirsty, provide clothing| medical supplies & tools to spread the Love & Word of GOD. -+

[We] Truly appreciate your support & prayers! -+

Thanks in advance!

*Holy-Spirit a.k.a. (Paracletos) is (LooKing) for Soldiers, You Down?

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